Thursday, March 22, 2007

tax insanity

Let me just start things out by saying, I hate taxes. I hate doing my taxes, I hate thinking about taxes.
It's no surprise that every year I have been using a different way to do my taxes. I used a cpa, then I tried TurboTax, then TaxCut, this year TaxBrain. I had never heard of Taxbrain before, but was recommended to my by a friend. They have a five star rating on both Planet Feedback and Epionions and have been making the product since 2000. This is the first year that it is completely online. Being a self-proclaimed hater of all things tax related I have to say TaxBrain was the briefest encounter with tax prep yet. Almost painless. I was done with my federal return in 45 minutes and only cost $20. Easy, fast, done.

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