Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A quick look at Tax Season

Yeah, so it's tax season, again. We all know about the main tax prep sites out there. I decided to try a new option this year, TaxBrain. They had a great epinions review so i decided to give em a try.
To start out sign up was quick and easy. After asking me a couple questions it decided what forms i needed, and started into the 1040. Before I knew it, taxbrain had found a few extra deductions i could use and said i was done. The whole thinkg took 45 minutes, from signing up to having everything efiled. Sweet! I had never finished my taxes in 45 minutes. I didn't even get to use the online tax help feature, but no complaints, didn't need it. This blows the other tax programs out of the water.
Time to celebrate and forget about taxes until next year.

Also check out the tax calulator too, give you an idea on what you'll get back, or pay.

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