Sunday, February 18, 2007

10 Fun Things to do with 1 Dollar.

1. Buy yourself a bottle of bubbles, take them to the park with
your friends, and pretend you're 9 again

2. Now pretend you've aged a year and you're 10. You've just hit
the jackpot. Proceed to take 2 quarters, 3 dimes and 4 nickels and
spend lavishly at gumball machines.

3. Visit the farmers market and ask each stall what they'll sell
you for a dollar. Take everything home and cook it. When your family
asks what's for dinner, tell them the dollar menu.

4. Make a game out of kicking your caffeine habit. Stop dialing
regular 411 and call 1-800-FREE411 (1-800-3733-411), which saves you
up to $2 for each call. For the dollars you save, put them in your coffee
piggy bank, and tap into it only for an emergency caffeine fix.

5. Buy a bunch of iPod ear covers, take a glue gun, and create an
ear sculpture. Display it proudly as your center piece. When people
ask, tell them it's L'ear du Avant Garde. And yes, it was expensive.

6. Buy a phone card and leave 20 one minute messages during the
month for your Mom to tell her you love her. With each successive
call, tell her you love her more than the time before if that's even humanly

7. Read romance novels? Sure you don't, and neither does anyone
else you know. Buy a bunch of bodice rippers from the dollar bin at
your library's fire sale, and send them to your girlfriends with an
unsigned note stating simply, "For your eyes only."

8. Buy King size Snickers bars, tie a bow around each, and put
one on each of your coworkers' chair. Sign them from the Easter Bunny.

9. Buy a bottle of Two-Buck-Chuck, draw a warm bath, light a
candle, and have yourself two glasses. On a school night. Heck, make
that the entire bottle. Just because you can.

10. Get 100 pennies, go to a fountain, and make 100 wishes.

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